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Threads VS Twitter: Meta launches its competing social network

A new social network has just been launched: Threads. Launched by Meta, the company owned by Mark Zuckerberg (Facebook, Instagram, WhatsApp...), it aims to directly compete with Twitter. This comes at a time when the social network, which was acquired by Elon Musk, is facing serious financial difficulties.

Like Twitter, Threads allows its users to post brief messages (up to 500 characters) to quickly share their updates. The application is also connected to Instagram: users can keep their username and easily find and subscribe to all the accounts they already follow on Instagram.

However, due to the amount of personal data collected by this new platform, the launch of Threads in Europe is not yet happening. The Irish Data Protection Commission, responsible for enforcing GDPR in the country (where Meta's European headquarters are located), has deemed the application not yet compliant with the regulations. Therefore, we will have to wait before being able to test it in France.

Threads VS Twitter: Meta launches its competing social network
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