Make your electronic devices almost centenarian

They are too precious to be replaced lightly

Electronic equipment manufacturers sometimes present their devices as 'technological jewels'. They're right: on average, 40 to 60 different metals are used in the composition of a smartphone. A good reason to take care of your devices as if they were unique pieces of jewelry - and not disposable equipment at the slightest scratch.

Out of Sight...

Some of the metals used in the production of electronic devices are rare and precious. At the moment, they are at the heart of supply tensions. Once extracted and purified, they undergo treatments to be transformed into components. These are then assembled to build computers, smartphones, tablets, connected objects...

The price to pay? Considerable pollution to the environment. Water, contaminated by the extraction and manufacturing processes, infiltrates into the subsoil and flows into rivers. The air is filled with fine particles. The health of workers, as well as that of local populations, is threatened. Except that all of this happens far away, very far from us.

It is difficult to imagine this scenario when we excitedly unpack the latest smartphone. But it requires us to offer our complex and sophisticated devices as long a lifespan as possible.

What solutions for making your electronic devices last longer?

  • Invest in protection equipment right away. Don't waste hundreds of euros on a device only to break it because you didn't buy a 20€ cover. For your smartphone, think about protective cases and screen protectors designed for touchscreens. For your laptop, choose a well-padded case or bag for transportation.
  • Avoid sources of moisture and heat. It's not recommended to leave a device in direct sunlight or too close to a heat source. Electronic equipment is also sensitive to liquids, so be careful and keep your coffee cup at a safe distance.
  • Ensure proper computer ventilation. This helps these heat-generating devices to cool down correctly. To do this, avoid blocking the air vents and make sure to regularly clean the dust that accumulates there.
  • Secure Them in Safe Places. Leaving your tablet lying around on a table edge when your cat/child is roaming around is a recipe for disaster. Also, remember to close your laptop as soon as you walk away 😉

What to do in case of a breakdown or damage?

  • Get into the habit of keeping your receipts. Electronic devices come with a warranty that allows, in the event of a default, to return them to their manufacturer for repair or replacement. However, it is important to think of keeping the corresponding invoice. By centralizing your tickets and invoices in a safe place (in a dedicated drawer or on the web), you will avoid turning your home upside down...
  • Take advantage of the repair bonus to restore your electronic devices to working condition. As of December 15th, 2022, as part of the Anti-Waste Law for a Circular Economy, consumers can receive a discount on their repair bill. A good reason to visit the local repair shop.
  • Keep a maintenance journal. For each of your devices, in addition to the proof of purchase, get into the habit of keeping receipts for any repairs made. In case of resale, you can pass on this "health record" to the new owner: a testament to the care you took of your equipment.

[Photo : Evie S.]

A digital that is accessible to all and does not exhaust the planet's resources: a future challenge that we can address now. My mission: to find responsible, ethical, and inclusive initiatives that are moving things in the right direction.


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