How to Keep Your Inbox Organized and Stop Unwanted Advertising

Are you tired of constantly sifting through unwanted advertising emails in your inbox? Learn how to take control of your inbox and reduce unwanted emails with these simple tips.

Email inboxes have become full-fledged letterboxes. The metal box version no longer holds much, except for a few administrative letters, health insurance cards and car registration papers (which haven't yet been digitized), and of course the occasional postcard from Auntie.

Before the 2000s, paper advertising mail was more prevalent. But, being more costly for companies, they likely had to pay more attention to their design, content, and limit the number of send outs to people who were truly likely to become customers.

Today, digital technology allows any business to send out advertising emails to anyone, almost for free.

The explosion of marketing and automation platforms have allowed companies to save a lot of time. Marketing services set up email scenarios. The idea is to create a series of messages, addressed to readers based on their behavior. Here's a simplified example:

  • Email #1: "A great product, just for you!"
  • If the reader has read the email but hasn't clicked the button to buy the item:
    • Email #2: "Enjoy 10% off!"
  • If the reader hasn't opened the email:
    • Email #2 bis: "This product has changed their life: here's why..."

Once this scenario is established, it is possible to define triggers, for example:

  • When an email address is added to the tool's database.
  • A person signs up for a loyalty account.
  • It's your birthday!

The result: companies create different scenarios, test their variations... and send out mass emails.

Our advice: regularly clean out your email inbox and request to be removed from all advertising databases if they are not of interest to you.

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