Reviving an Old Computer: Learn How to Install a New System

Unlock the full potential of your old computer and reduce your expenses by learning how to install a new operating system

Don't throw away your old computer just yet! Learn how to revive it by installing a new system and giving it a new purpose. Not only will you be saving resources, but you'll also be gaining valuable knowledge on how your computer works.

In a gloomy context, looking at obstacles or difficulties through a different prism can stimulate our imagination and discover opportunities. Proof of this can be seen in many developing countries, where citizens are able to create real innovation with few resources.

For example, the computer Jerry Do-It-Together created in France for developing countries. The idea is simple: to design easily-made desktop computers using parts from old PCs. These computers are assembled in 20-liter jerry cans.

Jerry Do-It-Together

The process, simple and quick, also allows many people to understand how a computer works.

A Computer Built in a Container Named Jerry with a Minion-Worthy Look

A Computer Built in a Container Named Jerry with a Minion-Worthy Look

This system has been used in Togo, Algeria, Benin, and many other countries. In addition to giving new life to equipment, it helps to reduce the digital divide.

Reducing expenses while gaining real mastery of technology

In light of decreasing purchasing power and limited resources on our planet, it's time to see things differently. Why not take apart an old PC or smartphone to understand how it works? This can be a first step in truly taking possession of the technologies we use every day, and give us ideas for how to improve them! An old computer that's collecting dust becomes a real opportunity.

Recipe for recycling an old computer

A few steps for giving a new purpose to an old machine:

  • find the power cable / find one on a second-hand platform
  • connect a screen to the central unit if it's a desktop computer
  • try turning it on
  • find the password (good luck...)
  • find an old version of Windows (for nostalgia) / discover an old version of Windows (for those born after)
  • recover and transfer any data that might still be useful today, using a USB key
  • install a new Linux operating system (there are many tutorials on the internet)
  • discover this new system and learn how to use it

By following these steps, you were able to revive a computer that was collecting dust while also learning how to install a new system. Plus, you can start without taking any risks: you have nothing to lose since this computer was no longer being used. Bonus for those with children around: offer them, in complete safety, to misuse to use this machine.

to misuse

You want to discover more advanced tutorials on reusing a computer or installing a new system? Let us know in the comments.

[Cover photo: Алекс Арцибашев]

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