Minimizing Battery Drain: Tips for Boosting Your Smartphone's Autonomy

A constantly connected smartphone drains its battery quickly.

Your smartphone has powerful antennas that receive and transmit a lot of information (texts, videos, sounds, images, etc.). As a result, your battery suffers. Solution: turn off mobile data or activate Airplane mode.

As soon as your smartphone - or your Nokia 3310 - is turned on, it automatically searches for network. It's normal: the main function of a phone is to receive or make phone calls. If the device is not connected to the network, it is unusable.

You've probably noticed that your smartphone always runs out of battery faster in regions where the network is of lower quality or more difficult to access. When we are in an area well covered by 4G/5G, the smartphone uses less energy. In fact, it spends less time deploying its antennas to the maximum to receive a signal.

As soon as your smartphone is connected, it is always waiting for a phone call, a text or a MMS. When you move around, your smartphone connects from relay antenna to relay antenna. Your phone also transmits information to allow you to authenticate via your SIM card. This way, phone operators can provide you with your call log.

In addition, when you receive a heavier message (image, video...), your smartphone needs mobile data to download the content.

By the way, you can configure your phone so that it does not automatically download the content of a MMS without your consent. A good practice, as some hackers/attackers use MMS to infiltrate your phone.

To minimize the discharge of your battery, here are some tips:

1st tip: disable automatic MMS downloading. Result: a more secure phone and a battery that lasts longer.

2nd tip: at night, or when you don't want to be disturbed, turn on Airplane mode. You can also turn off your smartphone - except if you only need a few minutes of peace, as turning on a smartphone consumes a lot of energy.


- A more durable battery - Less electricity used - Less waves - By being disconnected from the network, you are sure that someone will not give you a task to do quickly 🙃

3rd tip: charge your phone in Airplane mode. You'll save time because your smartphone recharges while spending the least amount of energy possible.

4th tip: In Airplane mode, you can still turn on Wifi. However, you will use more battery.

📱 Use these tips to boost the autonomy of your smartphone!

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