Everyday, Les Enovateurs test and analyze web services, infrastructures, online tools...

At first, we study them, then we look for solutions to reduce their impact.
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Sometimes, we just have to change the way we use them.
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But sometimes we find it necessary to seek alternatives with a lighter footprint.
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These solutions, these alternatives are available to you in a series of detailed guides:


Designed as comprehensive theme-based guides, these tutorials explore a tool / service and allow you to:

Discover it step by step, in a clear and illustrated way.
Have all the relevant information and decide whether to use it... or not.
Easily set it up and get the hang of it.
1. Simplified practical implementation, to easily adopt more responsible digital practices.

2. Time saving, and cost savings (energy... and therefore money!)

This catalog is regularly updated with new files.

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Working together to reduce our impacts:

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