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Unsubscribe from newsletters you no longer read: a simple and impactful gesture

When you find an interesting website, you subscribe to its newsletter in order to stay up-to-date. But time goes by... and now, you only give it a quick look. The majority of newsletters tragically accumulate in your inbox. This can significantly increase your carbon footprint on the web. Nevertheless, a single click on the Unsubscribe button can make a difference.

Creating a newsletter requires a lot of work, in order to regularly offer readers quality content. So, it's important to find a good balance, and stay subscribed to newsletters that truly interest you.

Otherwise, you receive emails that you don't read. However, these emails have a cost for their creators (time, money...). To this is added an ecological cost, as it takes energy to send emails - even more so if they contain images.

Some tips:

  • Subscribe to a newsletter only if it seems to suit you. Sometimes, it's possible to consult one without necessarily subscribing.
  • If after the 3rd email, its content bores you, click on the link at the very bottom to unsubscribe.
  • The creator of the newsletter has provided you with free content (most of the time). If you didn't like it, think about giving feedback: explain in a few words the reasons for your unsubscription. This allows its creator to improve, and to compose quality content. Using a lot of energy to create content that is not appreciated is not constructive for anyone.
  • ABOVE ALL, do not click on: "consider as SPAM". A newsletter is not SPAM. Reporting it as such penalizes the content creator, as it can be considered a malicious person by email providers. Result: real readers may find the newsletter they are waiting for in the unwanted ones.

Alternative solution: if a website's newsletter disappoints you but you like its content, simply add the website to your favorites.

Have you adopted the habit of unsubscribing when you get bored of a newsletter?

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