How to Fix Slow Performance on Your Windows Operating System

Discover the causes and solutions for high resource consumption on your Windows laptop or desktop

Are you tired of your Windows computer running slow? Find out the most common causes of high resource consumption and how to fix them in this comprehensive guide.

But where does this slowness problem come from?

To illustrate my point, here is a screenshot of the processes launched at the startup of my Windows laptop. It has 8GB of memory and an i5 processor.

gestionnaire de tâche

The processor is being used at 100%, the memory at 47%, and the hard drive at 55%. The top resource consumer on my computer is Skype. This video tool, which is now used less than others, belongs to Microsoft. At startup, it takes up 27% of my processor - in case I need to have a video call immediately. But I use Skype very little: once or twice a month, for family conversations.

Processes 2 and 4 are my antivirus. In this case, I understand the need for it to be well launched and ready to face threats. However, without launching the internet or connecting an external drive, there is no immediate danger.

Number 3 is the file explorer. It allows you to display the famous Windows windows, the desktop and the small icons on the start bar. In my opinion, it's unnecessary to use so many resources for this display.

The last one is simply called System, supposed to be the most important... yet it ultimately only uses 5% of the processor. A paradox, isn't it?

What solutions can be applied?

You can probably guess: the more an operating system consumes resources, the less you can use tools or software. And the more you use energy: that's why your computer's battery drains so quickly.

To limit overconsumption, you can disable - or even uninstall - some programs launched at the startup of your computer.

Companies and individuals can also report the problem or request to Microsoft, so that efforts can be made to optimize the operating system... instead of always adding more.

🐌 Have you recently noticed slow performance problems on your computer? Share your experience in the comments!

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