Environment Day 2023 vs Apple Vision Pro

Yesterday was Environment Day... and also Apple's conference.

I thought about recycling. Device sustainability. Lighter updates that improve previous versions. Reduced production of new devices. Repair kits, components. I even dreamed of a $1000 USB drive capable of turning an old Windows PC into a super powerful Mac...

Instead, I saw yet another virtual or augmented reality headset... to have the equivalent of a cinema in your bedroom, watch photos alone, and look like a pilot. $3499, tightly integrated and soldered components, a beautiful design, and above all, a nightmare to repair.

Then, in the same event, a desktop computer for $6999 with insane computing power, the ability to connect 6 8K monitors, 24 cores, and 192 GB of memory (a mega server to run ChatGPT, perhaps?)

On the day after Environment Day, if you want to take action on an individual level, don't buy the latest headset or computer. However, you can treat yourself to our book to understand and reduce the impact of digital technology: €21.95 instead of $3499, a real deal.

[Photos: Stephen Codrington (the mine), sasint (the landscape), and the rest is Apple]

Environment Day 2023 vs Apple Vision Pro
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