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Discover 3 Hidden Features to Make Your LinkedIn Browsing More Efficient and Save Battery

LinkedIn has quietly added some extremely useful but little-known features to its platform. With just a few clicks, you can use this social network in a more efficient and battery-saving way

Option 1: Enable Dark Mode

LinkedIn Dark Mode

Displaying LinkedIn on a black background reduces eye strain and also reduces battery consumption on smartphones and laptops. It can be activated through account display settings.

Attention Conservation

The business model of social networks relies on user attention for the content that is published on them. The more time spent on them, the more profitable it is for these platforms. Why? Because they sell targeted advertising. A user who spends time on these sites or apps sees more sponsored content, and makes more money for these companies.

Option 2: Disable Automatic Video Playback

Disabling automatic video playback on LinkedIn

A technique widely used by these companies is to automatically trigger video playback. This attracts the attention of users, while also slipping in one or more advertisements. It is possible to disable this automatic playback by going to the automatic video launch settings. Result, users:

  • reduce the time spent on LinkedIn
  • take back control by choosing what they prefer to watch
  • avoid heavy video downloads
  • save smartphone battery

Option 3: Remove Profile Picture Display

Removing faces on LinkedIn

A very effective way to reduce the time spent on this social network. Because disabling all account photos is quite disturbing during navigation. This option is located in the profile picture display settings. When it is enabled, the web browser displays a default image. A LinkedIn user, who has been using this option for a while, says:

It may take some time to get used to, but it changes your perspective on posts. Ultimately, it's a unique and interesting experience, as it allows you to remove any preconceptions you may have about certain profiles.

Are there any other features or strategies on LinkedIn that can help you reduce the time spent on the platform or make it more energy-efficient?

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