Cyber Cleanup Day 2023

📚 Imagine a small room filled with photo albums, letters, invoices, music CDs, Blu-rays... stacked on top of each other, gathering dust in the dark, untouched for years. Rarely used, never discarded.

It's the same for our "digitized" data: our accounts, photos, documents, personal information weigh heavily on our devices and on the web. The content we download as well.

🌬 Spring is coming: it's time to open the windows wide, grab a broom, and clean up. During the 2022 edition of Cyber World CleanUp Day, a whopping 1927 TB of data was deleted. Phew, that's a relief!

Join the Digital Cleanup Day - France initiative to delete all those outdated folders, meaningless emails, abandoned online accounts...

Depending on the events organized, actions start as early as Monday, March 13, and continue throughout the week, culminating on Saturday, March 18 for the #DigitalCleanupDay.

[Photo: Jason Leung]

Cyber Cleanup Day 2023
A digital that is accessible to all and does not exhaust the planet's resources: a future challenge that we can address now. My mission: to find responsible, ethical, and inclusive initiatives that are moving things in the right direction.

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