Embracing AI Excess with Microsoft Copilot 365

Farewell to restraint in the use of AI following the presentation of #Microsoft Copilot 365.

Privacy may be the last line of defense against this technology. Unless Microsoft already knows everything about us.

This afternoon, Microsoft teams presented how AI is integrated into all their tools:

Microsoft Graph contains all user information (Photo, Mail, Word, Excel, Notes...). Then, the user calls upon AI directly in Teams, PowerPoint, Word, Outlook... The service draws from the data in Microsoft Graph and passes it to ChatGPT - with a fitting prompt. Copilot 365 then integrates ChatGPT's response into the corresponding tool.

Various use cases were presented: - Creating family PowerPoint presentations with a selection of photos and fun facts - Composing emails - Summarizing video meetings - Summarizing all previous interactions with a client before a meeting with them. ... Everything can be found in the presentation video. The interfaces seem simple and accessible. The promise: saving considerable time in professional and personal life. The equivalent of a full-time job is replaced by AI - according to Microsoft.

In any case, Microsoft, and especially ChatGPT, will integrate even more information. Users, on the other hand, will write (and think?) much less.

If everything works and public adoption becomes substantial, Microsoft will be able to power numerous servers...

Embracing AI Excess with Microsoft Copilot 365
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