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Simplify Your Twitter Account in a Few Clicks: A Guide to Cleaning Up Your Tweets

Are you tired of seeing your old tweets cluttering up your Twitter account? Not only do they take up space, but they also contribute to the Internet's carbon footprint. With a few simple steps and online tools like, you can easily cleanup your Twitter account and make it more sustainable for the planet.

At first, this article was called "I deleted my Twitter account, why not you?" Indeed, I use it very little. If I had no interesting tweets, I would simply close my account.

If your Twitter account is relegated to the "attic" of the platform, the PhonAndroid media offers a detailed tutorial to delete it here.

As for me, one of my tweets was picked up by the national press and I am not (yet) ready to part with it. Nor to generate many 404 errors on articles from the media that used my tweet (which would get an error saying that the tweet no longer exists).

So I used the service to delete my old tweets and likes.

Lists of old tweets to delete
Setting up the tweet deletion tool

The site even offers an option to delete your tweets every x days. To reduce your carbon footprint as much as possible, I invite you to use this option. Otherwise, you can return to the service regularly to delete your posts.

You also have a software called Twitter Archive Eraser: it allows for a much more precise deletion by selecting the months to delete.

Specifying months to delete

If you have posted legendary tweets, you can easily identify them by looking in the stats column. This tool allows you to delete posts that are less than 6 months old for free. However, to go back further, you will have to pay a few extra euros.

Selecting tweets to delete

Finally, remember that each content posted with photos or videos generates storage on servers and therefore a cost in energy. So think about whether deleting your old tweets is really useful.

So, if you are also convinced of the importance of deleting these tweets, get involved in reducing the impact of digital technology... and spread this article far and wide 😁

Journalist constantly searching for new tools that are lightweight, accessible to all, and respectful of users' privacy.


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