Put Down Your Smartphone! A Well-Hidden Button to Disable Notifications

Notifications greatly increase our addiction to smartphones and apps.

Your challenge this week, should you choose to accept it: disable all notifications from the apps on your smartphone. Keep only those that are truly important, such as a received text message or a missed call. Are you ready to test it out for at least 7 days? Reward: a freer mind, and a smartphone battery that lasts longer... since it stays in your pocket.

Notifications were originally intended to communicate important information, such as a meeting not to be missed. However, currently, notifications have become particularly invasive: they are everywhere, for everything (and for nothing). They interrupt your conversations with friends, disturb your concentration at work, and encourage you to spend more time than necessary on all sorts of applications.

To such an extent that Google and Apple had to create a system to group them when they come from the same application. However, this protocol is insufficient, since almost all applications installed on our smartphones emit notifications. The Android and IOS development teams therefore had the idea to create the "Close all notifications" button.

Fortunately, there is a little-known function to break this infernal cycle. It was probably added by developers who are aware of the impact of notifications on our attention ... and who wanted to find a solution for themselves and their families. This very practical option is located in the system settings of your device: it allows you to disable all notifications.

I strongly recommend starting there, and gradually adding exceptions for applications that truly deserve your attention. However, you must repeat the operation regularly: every time you install a new application, notifications are reactivated by default...

Try it and tell us your experience after a week, a month, a year 💪

SPOILER: We find a certain peace of mind, but we quickly realize that platforms are particularly inventive to attract us back into their net. Facebook, for example, sends me a lot of emails with crucial information such as: "Marine has published new content that receives many likes", "Benjamin has just posted again after a long absence... "

By reducing or deleting notifications, you will consult your smartphone less, save battery, and use it less...

Journalist constantly searching for new tools that are lightweight, accessible to all, and respectful of users' privacy.


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