"We Must Govern This Technology": Biden Aims to Regulate AI

On Monday, October 30, the Biden administration addressed the issue of legal regulation of artificial intelligence. In this regard, the President of the United States signed a decree promoting safety, security, and trust in artificial intelligence. This action was taken due to concerns about the risks posed by AI to national security, economy, public health, and privacy.

Facing the risks associated with artificial intelligence and in response to the European bill on artificial intelligence, the American President is convinced that:

To realize the promise of AI and avoid the risk, we need to govern this technology.

Source: Reuters

The main security measures include:

  • Mandating developers of "powerful" AI systems to share their test results and other sensitive information with the U.S. government.
  • Allowing users to prevent fraud by distinguishing authentic content from AI-generated content.

Regarding privacy protection, this act provides:

  • Federal support in researching techniques to preserve individuals' privacy.
  • Responsible use of AI by the Government.

This act also covers other equally important areas, such as the protection of workers, reaffirming American leadership in AI, and promoting innovation and competition.

These strong measures, taken by the United States, have the potential to disrupt this rapidly growing sector. It is an opportunity for the country to catch up with Europe, with the likely adoption of the AI Act.


"We Must Govern This Technology": Biden Aims to Regulate AI
Nousseu Douon
Nousseu Douon
I am a student in data governance. With my background in legal studies and my passion for digital technology, I am interested in regulating the digital sphere and promoting responsible digital practices.

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