Rest in URL Peace: Skyblog Joins the Digital Services Cemetery

On June 16, 2023, the Skyrock team informed creators and readers of the Skyblog platform that it would no longer be accessible starting from August 21.

Skyblog can now be considered one of the first social networks on the web. In the 2000s, millions of people created their Skyblogs on this French platform that became a reference. It was even ranked 17th among the most visited sites in the world in 2007... before Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter took over.

Thanks to Skyblog, each internet user had the opportunity to create and personalize their online space for free, allowing them to express themselves and exchange with other users. The unique aesthetics of Skyblogs are considered representative of the 2000s: animated texts, sparkles, fluorescent gradients...

Some figures to remember about Skyblog:

639,693,557 articles
19,091,999 blogs
13,220,367 profiles
Source: Skyrock Stats (8/7/2023)

Just over 20 years after its creation, Skyblog is about to fade away. However, its content will be preserved in the archives of BNF and INA.

This sociological treasure will be anonymized and will find its way to the national archives so that scholars and researchers tomorrow can understand, with unprecedented granularity, what the new generation of the early 21st century was."

Pierre Bellanger, founder and president of Skyrock Group

For those who wish to keep their content, all the information for backup operations can be found on the dedicated Skyblog page.

Rest in URL Peace: Skyblog Joins the Digital Services Cemetery
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